“All Day Cheer!”
Full of awesome activities such as crafts, dancing, acro, games, cheer, tumbling, movies and free time in the gym.

Our “Cheer Fun day” runs from 9:00am – 4:00pm for only $35! An amazing day for the kids and cheaper than vacation care!

Future Cheer Fun Days:
2019 April School Holidays –  16th April “EASTER THEME”

What to expect:
•  $35 Cost
•  Ages 4 and up
•  9:00am – 4:00pm
•  BYO Recess, lunch and drink bottle
•  Prize for the best dressed!

Tumble Clinics
These clinics are split specifically into skill progression/difficulty and are limited to 20 atheltes per session. The sessions are;

Walkovers – handstands, back bends, forward and backward walkovers
Handsprings – forwards handspring two feet and step outs, back handspring two feet and step outs, walkover and handspring connections
Aerials – side and forward aerials, cartwheel/walkover and aerial connections
Saltos – front saults standing, back saults standing, round off/round off back handspring and salto connections, front sault step out to round off connections

Layouts & Twisting – front layout and twisting, back layout and twisting *Must be able to perform a back salto to attend this session*

Future Tumbling Clinic Dates:
2019 Term 1 School Holidays – Tuesday 23rd of April

What to expect:
•  $20 Cost
•  Ages 4 and up
•  BYO drink bottle
•  Limited spots available