Between them, our staff have one of the most diverse sets of knowledge across the state, with qualifications including; Cheerleading credentials, Certificate 4 in Dance Teaching and Management, Fitness Instructors, Gymnastics Coaches, Cheerobics and Clubbercise Dance Fitness and Early Childhood Education.

– We are a professional team of coaches whose knowledge of the fundamentals provide a safe, fun, respectful environment where each individual can flourish.
– We set goals for individual athletes and for teams, respecting that each athlete is different, and ensuring equality in our teaching methods.
– We communicate with, involve and form relationships with parents, to ensure each athlete is supported.
– We highlight fun, safety and strength within skill progressions, which gets high results at competitions.

Alyssa Valentine

– USASF Level 4 Cheer & Tumble
– GA Advanced Silver Women’s Gymnastics
– GA Advanced Cheerleading
– Clubbercise Dance Fitness Instructor
– Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
– Cheerobics Intensity & Cheer Pro Instructor (currently studying)
Owner of Blitz Cheer and Dance and Director of the Cheerleading Program. For over 8 years Alyssa has been involved in cheerleading, both competing and coaching. Alyssa’s previous background includes competitive gymnastics and dance. Alyssa has also been teaching since 2013, and its her passion for the growth and development of young people that makes her enjoy coaching cheer that much more.

Alana Bolton

– GA Advanced Women’s Gymnastics Coach
A competitive women’s gymnast for over 10 years, and coaching almost as long. Alana has a deep knowledge of tumbling and the human body, and how to cater for the needs of athletes of all ages!

Kahli Page

– AASCF Level 1 Stunt & Tumble
– Certificate 4 Dance Teaching & Management (currently studying)
– Certificate 3 Fitness
– Cheerobics Intensity & Cheer Pro Instructor (currently studying)
– Clubbercise Dance Fitness Instructor
– Circus Foundations
– GA Beginner
Fitness instructor and dance teacher by day… Cheer coach by night! Kahli is by far our most creative coach with a huge knowledge for dance and fitness. She writes our strength and flexibility programs and goes above and beyond to make sure the athletes are smashing goals. She also coaches our Tiny teams and has a huge passion for working with children.


Keeleigh Mackinnon

– USASF Level 1 Cheer & Stunt
Another junior coach whose 8 years experience competing in cheer has inspired her to become a coach, and instil her passion in the junior athletes. Keeleigh assists our level 1 and 2 tumbling classes and proves to be a positive role model at every session.

Matilda Bunt

– GA Beginner Coach
Matilda has participated in cheerleading for 6 years! She’s also trained in gymnastics and has a great knowledge of tumbling skills. She has a fantastic can-do attitude, bright personality and confident in working with all ages.

Maddison Golding

– GA Beginner
– USASF Level 1 Assistant Cheer & Stunt
Our newest junior coach, Maddison’s contagious laugh and carefree attitude is why her athletes love her. Maddison also assist’s our level 1 and 2 tumbling classes, and her eye for detail ensure that athletes are progressing safely in their skills.